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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unstuck, exactly?

Unstuck is a free app that helps you focus on and think differently about a stuck moment so you can move forward. It’s like having a coach on hand whenever you’re feeling stuck about a life situation.

Does the app really get me unstuck?
Unstuck gets you to the point where you understand what you need to do to move forward and how you’ll do that. The magic of the app is that it plays back what you are feeling, thinking, and doing in your stuck moment in a way that offers you insight. From there, it gives you an approach on how you can get unstuck as well as tools to help you think through details.

What, specifically, does the app offer?
At Unstuck, we believe that people get stuck all the time in different kinds of ways. And that’s good, because when you get unstuck, your life gets better.

The app will first explain how you are stuck. It could be any one of eleven types of stuck moments: Tunnel Visionary, Deflated Doer, Drifter, Waffler, Reluctant Adapter, Idle Achiever, Fuzzy Forecaster, Ad Libber, Perplexed Planner, Lone Leader, Avoider. These aren’t permanent labels. You might act like a Waffler one day and an Idle Achiever a month later.

It will also give you an approach for how to get unstuck. With each approach there are tips to help you think differently. Unstuck also provides a suite of interactive tool designed to help you find the right way to get yourself unstuck. Note: Tools currently are available only on the iPad app version; they will launch on unstuck.com in the first half of 2014.

Who created Unstuck?
The app is the brainchild of SY, a company that consults with and builds digital products for business undergoing large-scale strategic change. The owners, Keith Yamashita and Susan Schuman, co-founded Unstuck in December 2011 as a way to bring the intelligence of their consulting practice to a wider audience.

What kinds of devices does Unstuck run on?
The app runs on PCs, tablets, and smartphones with Apple or Android operating systems. This web-based app works best in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browers. For iPad users, there is an iOS7 version available for free download here at the iTunes store. The iPad app will also work with iOS6. Currently, these two versions of the app are not synched.

Pointers on how to use Unstuck

How often should I use the Unstuck app?
There's no limit to how often you can use the app. People get stuck all the time in different ways, and the app is a handy way to start moving ahead again. Use it to kick-start your thought process, make a plan, test out a decision, get to the root of a problem, or refresh a routine. The tools and tips in Unstuck are designed to help in all kinds of situations.

How many stuck moments can I save?
You can save up to 10 stuck moments and all the details about them, including your thoughts and feelings, your diagnoses, related tips, and tools.

The app says I have to delete a stuck moment before starting a new one. What do I do?
For web app users: For web app users: Go to the Home page by using the menu in the upper right of the screen. Click or tap the stuck moment to show your stuck report. Just beneath the date, toward the top of the page, select "Delete this stuck."
For iPad app users: Go to the Home page by tapping the white house icon in the lower left of the screen and selecting "Home" from the pop-up menu. Select one of the stuck moments or tools that you want to delete and press it with your finger until the "Delete" box pops up. Tap "Delete" and you’re done.

How do I find my previous stuck moments?
For web app users: All your stuck moments are displayed on the Home page of the app. Use the menu in the upper right the screen to navigate to the page.
For iPad users: Whenever you restart the app, you will start at the Home page, which will be your dashboard. Your dashboard will include all of your stuck moments, up to 10. If you are elsewhere in the app and want to go to your dashboard, tap the house icon in the lower left of the screen. When the menu comes up, select the Home option.

Can I use the tools without having a stuck moment?
For web app users: Yes. As soon as we launch the tools on the web app (scheduled for the first half of 2014), any registered user can use any of the tools.
For iPad app users: Absolutely. You can go directly to the Tool Gallery by tapping the house icon in the lower left. When the menu comes up, select the Tool Gallery option. Or, tap any open stuck moment on your home screen, then select "Go to Tool Gallery."

I can't get past the So-Me/Not-Me card sort in the iPad app. What do I do?
You need to sort every card into one of two piles labeled "So Me" and "Not Me" in order to move to the next step. Sometimes the app is fussy about the placement, so try neatening up your piles of cards. That will probably prompt the arrow to appear so you can go to the following screen.

Is the information I put into the app private?
Yes. We respect the privacy of all our users, and have recently implemented a TRUSTe certification to help us ensure that. (TRUSTe also certifies privacy for companies like Drugstore.com, Monster.com, and Apple.) We will not market or sell your email address or other personal information. Your stuck moments are safe with us.

Technicalities you might need to know

Why won't my registration submission go through?
For iPad app users: Most likely, the iPad you’re using is not connected to the internet. When it is, try again. The quickest way to register is with your existing Facebook account, but it only takes a few seconds longer to create an account with your email address and a password of 6 characters or more.

Can I have multiple accounts on one iPad?
Yes, you can. The information for all the accounts will be stored on that iPad, so be mindful that you won't be able to transfer the accounts to another iPad.

Can I log on from someone else's iPad to access my Unstuck account?
Not at this time. All your Unstuck information is stored on the iPad where you signed up.

If I lose my iPad and download the app again, will it have my information?
No, it won't. To retrieve your Unstuck information, restore the app from your iTunes account.

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