Unstuck is an in-the-moment digital coach thatís ready every time weíre feeling stuck. The app helps us see and solve situations with fresh perspective through provocative questions, targeted tips, and action-oriented tools. Itís an approach that works for all kinds of issues, large and small, so we can live better every day.

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This is the critical first step. And each time we get stuck, itís a little different. There are changes at home. Challenges at work. A relationship that needs some attention. Realizing weíre stuck opens the door to possibilities. Intrigued? Hereís our take on

why getting stuck is good for you
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    "I want to get a project going, but I'm psyching myself out."
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    "Deciding on our housing situationórent, build, or renovate?"
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    "I can't seem to lose that pesky last 10 pounds."
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    "I don't know if I should stay in a relationship or not."
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    "My fund-raising team isn't good at prioritizing."
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    "I want to help my company grow but the resources aren't in place."
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    "I need help with day-to-day tasks that consume my life."
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    "Should I pay for the house to be refinished or save the money?"
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    "Making a personal decision about what to do next in life."
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    "Should I go back to work or not?"
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    "Trying to find a job that resonates with me."
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    "Trying to convince a 12-year-old to eat healthier and exercise more."
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    "My wife and I see differently on what to do with our outdoor space."
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    "Should I open a retail shop?"
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    "I'm not making it to the gym and yoga classes as much as I'd like."
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    "I can't seem to find the time to see my friends outside of work."
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    "Wanting to help an unhappy friend but not sure how."
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    "Trying to figure out my children's future education plans."
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    "I'm stretched too thin. I want to do it all but I'm not achieving it."
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    "I want to repair my relationship with my dad."
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    "I want to buy a new car but I'm unfamiliar with the process."



Through a series of questions and answers, the Unstuck app pinpoints the type of stuck moment youíre in. Today you might be acting like a fuzzy forecaster, but in a different stuck moment, you could behave more like a deflated doer.



Sometimes, knowing how weíre stuck is enough to get us going. Other times, we need more. Unstuck provides a wealth of tips in the app and on our blog to inspire action. The app also provides tools to help us:

  • Make decisions
  • Set goals
  • See different possibilities
  • Get to the why of it
  • Make a plan
  • Get motivated
  • Deal with change
  • Rediscover purpose


Getting unstuck is about making a pivotal change in your life. And any act of change starts by addressing one or more aspects of your behavior, namely, Seeing, Believing, Thinking, Acting. Core to the process of getting unstuck, we need to:

See the world as one of possibilities rather than constraints

Believe that you can change the way things are now and create a new set of circumstances.

Think about the changes required to make a meaningful transformation possible and create a realistic plan.

Act to turn your ideas into reality.


Who are we, and what makes us so smart about getting unstuck? Unstuck is the brainchild of the people at SY, a company that consults with business and people undergoing large-scale strategic change. Since 1994, weíve worked with the leaders of smart companies such as Apple, Nike, Facebook, Starbucks, IBM, and Disney to help them move past a stuck moment and make transformative change.